Comprehensive Assessment & Confidential Agreement Analysis

The majority of our clients do not have the resources to have someone dedicated full time to analyzing, negotiating and monitoring telecom agreements. Partnering with MAG allows your organization to have someone dedicated to fulfill that important role. Our partnership with our clients usually starts out with a comprehensive review and analysis of all telecom agreements for an individual property or portfolio of properties. With our clients' permission, we reach out to the service providers at each property and obtain copies of any service agreements. These agreements are then analyzed and a database dedicated to each client is created. This exercise has a few important goals;

  • Create an "at a glance" database so our clients can easily know the agreement status for any and all properties.
  • Identify properties that are candidates for new income generating agreements. These usually fall into three categories -
    1. Properties that have no agreements
    2. Properties that have expired agreements
    3. Properties where the agreements are in a "renewal window" where the provider will negotiate a new agreement
  • Understand when agreements are due to expire, and most importantly make sure they don't "auto renew" for another long term.
  • Create an audit opportunity where MAG helps our clients recover fees that providers have neglected to pay.


Achieve Superior Agreement Terms and Protection

MAG's experience in negotiating with service providers nationwide, coupled with our relationships with the leading telecom and technology attorneys in the apartment industry, ensures that the contracting process protects our clients' interests. There are many instances where knowledge and understanding of complex telecom agreements is important:

  • New construction planning
  • Acquisition / due diligence
  • Assignment / assumption
  • Rooftop leasing for wireless / cell tower locations
  • Renewal of individually billed or bulk billed service agreements.

    Our familiarity with all of these, coupled with our knowledge of how telecom providers approach each of these types of transactions, allows us to smoothly manage the process and avoid common pitfalls.


Simplify the Process & Improve your Bottom Line

Fiber? Copper? Smart Home Technology? Bulk? Individually Billed? Managed Wifi? Traditional Service Provider? Private Provider? Infrastructure Requirements? Cost Offsets? "Future Proof?"

Multifamily new construction presents many unique challenges. We are an integral partner to all of our development clients - helping navigate the maze of options and functions involved in bringing a new project out of the ground. From the "Will Serve" letter that is part of construction financing, to Certificates of Occupancy and delivery of units, we assist every step of the way.

We understand budgets, and deadlines. We know that time is money. It is critical that MAG becomes involved as early in the process as possible. This allows us to cast a wide net in the vetting process for service providers, and gives you the opportunity to leverage competition to bring the best deals and technology to the table.