Portfolio Evaluation and Audit


Through personnel turnover and rapid growth, a large integrated multifamily development and management company found itself without a cohesive strategy to manage its MDU Agreement negotiation and monitoring process.

The Mission:

MAG was engaged to conduct a comprehensive telecom agreement audit of the entire portfolio, gathering contract specifics in a detailed report and identifying opportunities to generate ancillary income via new telecom access and marketing agreements. Our engagement was contingency based.

Due Diligence:

Through our network of relationships with telecom service providers, we obtained all telecom MDU agreements in place at any of the properties. The specific business terms in these agreements were evaluated and entered into a database. This evaluation identified many properties that presented opportunities for new ancillary income. Additionally, this audit identified properties that had not been paid marketing fees per the terms of agreements in place.


MAG determined that roughly 35% of the properties in the portfolio were candidates for new, income generating agreements. These properties either had no telecom agreements, or had agreements that had expired or were due to expire within a window where the service provider would be willing to negotiate new agreements.

MAG's ongoing partnership with this client has generated over $750K in new and projected telecom marketing income, and recovered tens of thousands of dollars in money owed.